“Do not talk to strangers”

That’s the most common phrase you will hear from any parents. It is also one of the life rules bestowed upon you as you embark your journey of life outside the comfort and safety of your family home.

As I grew older, I grew more understanding of the need for that reminder, yet at the same time, quite resentful of the trait developed from that single rule of life.

I understand that people grew more desperate, more greedy, more out of touch with humanity. Crime rates are high and worryingly increasing. People not only are distrustful of their neighbours, but some, their relatives as well.

There are books out there, on the best seller list, telling stories how girls get cheated and trapped in human trafficking by people they trusted. Who has not seen the movie Taken and Taken 2 where Liam Neeson portrayed the character of Bryan Mills, whose daughter was kidnapped while on a trip.


But I’m tired of it. I’m tired of being paranoid all the time. I’m tired of being so reserved and shy when put in situation where I am in proximity of strangers.

I want to be free of these social constraint. I want to be able to make small talks with the familiar strangers on my daily train route. To just make eye contact and smile at them, wishing them to have a good day, without them thinking the worst of me, that I have hidden malicious agenda. And vice versa.

There are a lot of people who does this: so friendly, so carefree, so… Happy.

Maybe, if we tweaked the rules a bit, to give more leeway for humanity to prove its worthiness, the world may stop being so distrustful. Maybe, instead of preventing children from talking to strangers, we raise them to just be careful and to always inform a responsible adult of their whereabout at all times, they’ll be the change that the world so desperately need.

My question is, does it really matter if we are strangers?




My mother always say that I wasted a lot of my time. In a sense, she’s right. (Boy, she’d be so happy that I admitted that she is) But, there is a poster in my room with the quote “the time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time”.

So this year, I will appreciate and live every single moment my mother deem as a waste. No matter how many times she (will eventually) points out to me in monetary terms.

Life After Death


As we flip to the last pages of the 2014 calendar, excitement starts to bubble up inside of us. Whether the year has been bitter or sweet to us, we are all quite eager to have that fresh start everyone in our social media feeds buzzing about.

“New Year, New Me” posts flooding our timelines. ALL the time line. Quite annoying, to be frank. Continue reading

Missing Airplanes


When I was younger, I was told that the airplane is the safest way to travel. The odds are 45 millions to 1 for a plane to crash.

The numbers are so comforting that I often able to sleep soundly as soon as I settle in my seat on the plane. Whether it is a 45 minutes flight to Singapore, or 13 hours to London. Only waking up when the stewardesses start serving the meals.

That safe bubble starts to crack in 2001. I remember that night clearly in my mind. Continue reading

The Perfect Crime


I’ve always been a fan of legal / crime drama TV shows. It always intrigue me to see the different perspectives in a criminal process & proceeding.

The scientific process is exciting too. The knowledge that some normal household items are capable to be used beyond its innocent purpose, very McGyver.

At the end of every show, I’ll always wonder, what will it takes to execute the perfect crime? Continue reading