The Perfect Crime


I’ve always been a fan of legal / crime drama TV shows. It always intrigue me to see the different perspectives in a criminal process & proceeding.

The scientific process is exciting too. The knowledge that some normal household items are capable to be used beyond its innocent purpose, very McGyver.

At the end of every show, I’ll always wonder, what will it takes to execute the perfect crime?

Yes, that would be the extent of my criminal career. To daydream about getting away with a legal wrong, usually a heist, and without even being in the suspect list. It is all very exciting, in my head.

But now that I think about these things, the perfect crime is no longer a unicorn of the underworld: a myth. Nowadays, it is as common as a white lie: it is happening everywhere and on every level.

Don’t believe me? Just scroll down your Facebook and Twitter feed (or open a newspaper, if you find one near you) you’ll find injustice everywhere. Whether its a simple robbery, or a white collar crime and corruptions. So many people are out there, spending their illegal money, yet our prisons are full.

It is a sad reality to be in when the perfect justice has become a myth.


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