Life After Death


As we flip to the last pages of the 2014 calendar, excitement starts to bubble up inside of us. Whether the year has been bitter or sweet to us, we are all quite eager to have that fresh start everyone in our social media feeds buzzing about.

“New Year, New Me” posts flooding our timelines. ALL the time line. Quite annoying, to be frank.

We are all survivors. No matter what our achievements, size of our bank accounts or standing in the social hierarchy. We should be proud of ourselves. Go and sing “We Are The Champion” and “The Eye Of The Tiger” your heart out.

At the (relatively) young age of 24, I have survived a number of apocalypse: Y2K, 2012 Mayan and a number of quasi bio apocalypse (H1N1, Anthrax, Ebola etc.). The only types of end of the world phenomenon we have not faced yet is zombie apocalypse. Why would I want to scrap all that and have a fresh start? I like having “bad ass” as part of my profile description.

We all should look forward for our future, but not forget our past.

Of course, in a typical Q fashion, I took a step further. Probably influenced by the crime drama TV series I watch. Okay, definitely influenced by them.

I’m not talking about where our souls go when the body stops functioning, or debate about the existence of heaven and hell. I’m referring to the lives that move on after our death.

Yes, this will get a little too morbid to some of your likings.

Have you ever wondered, who will speak the eulogy during your funeral? Will people attend and cry as the undertaker lowers your body six feet under?

In my mind, I somehow always imagined that I’ll get murdered. I never know how or why, just that someone killed me. Then my overly active imagination will begin to investigate my own death. (I know, it is quite twisted) Of course, the competency of the police is very much exaggerated as well, just to make it interesting.

I always wonder, who will be called in for questioning. Who can answer the most relevant questions. What will they say about me. And when the investigators recover facts about me, what conclusion will they make about my character.

Basically, the question I ask myself is what legacy do I leave behind in life after my death?


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