Religion & Terrorism


I’ll try keep this one very brief. For my sake and yours.

No religion condones a man to do harm onto another being.

But in every religion, throughout history, there are stories of the viciousness of human being. The act of war brought forward in the name of their Gods. This is a never ending cycle, for so long humanity continues to adopt the Machiavelli principle: the end justify its means.

Nowadays, it is a difficult time to be a Muslim. When people hear the word “Islam”, they’ll think “terrorist”. Wear a white jubah and kopiah and grow a beard, people will look at you warily and walk a little further away from you. Wear a black arbaya and purda, covers yourself head to toe, people don’t want to ride the train when you’re in it.

But, can you blame people for having some sense of self-preservation? Albeit a little racist and misguided? Especially when there are acts of violence and terrorism being reported almost everyday around the world, and groups claiming to be Islamic activists proudly brag to the world that they’re the one behind those hideous activities?

The only thing I can ask for is, to people not to confuse the minority, the extremist, with the majority.

Religion never condones these acts.

My question is, when will people stop using religion as an excuse for their act of terrorism?

Probably never.


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